How to have a perfect day in Uvita, Costa Rica (Photo Diary)

As I was traveling down the pacific coast of Costa Rica, I got a little caught up in Manuel Antonio and Dominical, which meant I only had one full day to really enjoy Uvita.  To be honest, when I first arrived in Uvita I was a bit disappointed. I got dropped off the bus on a main road in front of a supermarket, and was told that the two nearest hostels were a 20 minute walk, in opposite directions.  I would have to choose which direction to walk (towards the beach or towards the waterfall.  There was no town center, and all amenities and places worth visiting could only be reached by taxi or long bike rides.  I chose to walk toward the beach, and got picked up by someone who worked at Flutterby hostel.  I had tried to make a reservation at this hostel the day before, but they were completely booked, as they usually are in high season. (Flutterby is a must-visit in Uvita, one of the best hostels I’ve stayed at).   Lucky for me, a cancellation was made and I was able to book two nights.  My spirits quickly changed, and throughout the following day, so did my opinion of Uvita.

If you’re interested in spending a day or two in Uvita and want it to be awesome, here’s how it’s done:

Step One: Wake up at dawn to the sounds of thousands of insects, birds, reptiles and monkeys. Get down to the beach for sunrise.
Step Two: Get your morning run on… head toward the whale’s tail.
Step Three: Make friends on the way. Dawn is a great time for bird watching. Especially at the mouth of the river.
Step Four: You’re the first one out there, well done! Applaud yourself, dance, do a cartwheel, or celebrate your victory as you deem fit.
Step Five: Remind yourself that you’re standing on a piece of land shaped like the coolest part of your favorite animal. Smile, sing a song about whales and enjoy it.
Step Six: Thank a pelican for a great photo op. Wish you had a better camera.
Step Seven:
Find a sand dollar. Tell yourself it’s the most beautiful one this beach has seen. Cherish it until it breaks in your bathing suit. Say your goodbyes to the beach… for now.
Step Eight: Start walking into town. Keep an eye out for toucans. You can also take a shared taxi or rent a bike from the hostel (this is a smart idea, as the sun hits hard and it’s a long walk.
Step Nine: Find a beautiful waterfall. You can also stay at a hostel right by the falls (Cascada Verde) . It’s about lunch time! There is a restaurant at the entrance to the falls which supposedly serves excellent fish tacos.
Step Ten: Decide. Will you jump, slide, or both? Opting out is not an option.
Step Eleven: Wait til the kids go home and the smoke clears. Enjoy.
Step Twelve: Can’t wait to get in the ocean? Surf the taxi truck.
Step Thirteen: Get back to the beach. Surf, swim, bird watch, or take a nice long walk.


Step Fifteen: Enjoy some community time. I love making dinner at hostels. If it’s not your cup of tea, the hostel serves dinner, or there are several restaurants you can take a taxi to.
Step Sixteen: Give yourself a treat and say goodnight! You’re spent.

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