Easy Raw Vegan Treats to Make on the Road

Eating fully raw while traveling or on the move can be tricky, especially in cooler climates, but it’s not impossible! I’ve learned to count on (and love) my mono-meals (just eating a lot of one type of fruit per meal) or very simple food combining, such as papaya, mango and banana.  I currently try to stick to an 80-10-10 diet, so my breakfasts and lunches consist mostly of this.  I like to make it a little more interesting at dinner, so that’s when I get my greens and veggies in.  I’ll occasionally make a salad but I find it’s hard to make them very interesting if you don’t have access to a blender for making the dressing.  I usually use avocado or papaya as a salad dressing, because they’re so easy to much up with a fork.  I get tired of salads easily though, so I’ve been using my lettuce as wraps, and filling them with salsas or chunky salads.  It’s a much more satisfying way to have dinner!  Also sliced cucumbers can be used as chips or as a base for any type of fruit and veggie combo you can think of!  Here are a few “hostel meals” I’ve made in my travels. They don’t require anything but a fork knife and spoon and can be made just as easily in a kitchen as on a park bench!

Simple fruit combining – Papaya, Mango, Banana and Passion Fruit with a little OJ squeezed on top
Fruit Salad – Papaya, Mango, Banana and Berries
I love my Pocket Meals – These are great because nuts and dried fruit travel so well. Pecans, Dates and Bananas
Lettuce wraps make things so much more interesting! Mango Salsa (Mango, Cucumber, Tomato, Red and Green Pepper and Green Onion) with Guacamole on a Lettuce Wrap.
Using sliced cucumber as chips or as a base to pile on salsa and guac makes the veggie experience so much more fun than a salad! Plus it’s a great way to share your food with friends.
Hollowed out cucumber cups filled with whatever you’d like! I made coconut avocado cream with spirulina and hemp seeds
Cucumber based “pintxos” with Guacamole in a lettuce bowl
Mung Bean Noodles (take just 30 seconds to cook in hot water) with a raw blended coconut curry sauce, tamari marinaded mushrooms, and diced raw veggies.

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    1. Oh thank you!! I’m still a bit confused about setting it up, once I get home I hope to get it looking really nice with the help of a friend. Thanks for the support.. I’m lovin your blog too! I’m so happy to connect with you!


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