Raw Dining in Nicaragua

When I arrived in San Juan del Sur, a popular surf town in the south of Nicaragua, I dropped off my things at my hostel and went out to explore the town.  I quickly came upon a natural food and clothing store called Organica which I was very drawn to (surprise, surprise!).  As I was trying on locally made bikinis, the girl working there just randomly says “you know, there’s a great raw food restaurant in town, right next to the yoga studo”. Whaaa?! The monomealing fruitarian (me, that is) was dying for some rich elaborate foods… ask and she shall recieve!  And next to a yoga studio?  The traveling bug in me was dormant at that point, I just wanted to focus on what I had learned during my yoga teacher training course in the previous weeks.  It was just too perfect.

Needless to say, I went there immediately and spent maybe too much time ogling over food thereafter.


The restaurant is called Buddha’s Garden, and is run by an awesome young Canadian couple.  It seemed so well established, I was so surprised to find out that it had only been running for a couple of months.  It is hippie chic in decoration and very laid back, with a very friendly atmosphere.  The mastermind behind the menu, Bridget, has not only mastered raw salads and main dishes that can please even an (open-minded) carnivore’s taste buds, but desserts as well.  Oh, the cakes, the coffee, the chocolate!!




And most importantly…

The Food

By far my favorite, Olive Tapenade Raw Pizza
Mexican Salad. The Walnut “meat” really did have a meaty-ness to it… and they really nailed it with the spices
I wish I had gotten a better picture of this amazing Mango “Cheese”cake, it just doesn’t do it justice!
A delicious Smoothie Bowl with raw granola
Raw Zucchini Pasta with Walnut “Meat”
Rich and creamy Raw Mocha Cheesecake. I will be trying this at home!
Raw Pinapple Pizza – The crust was amazing, the sauce tasted cooked. Walnut “cheese” crumble on top

Not pictured:  The iced coffee was amazing, I had at least one a day.  Organic coffee with fresh almond milk sweetened with dates… I recommend you ask for it not strained.

As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed my first raw restaurant experience!  After a few days of eating this way though, my body was craving a high water content fruity diet.  After such a healthy splurge, it was fairly easy jumping back onto the fruitarian train.  Thanks to the people at Buddha’s Garden and Zen Yoga for taking me in!

Buddha’s Garden on Facebook



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