New Year’s Resolutions – Progress!!

2013 was a year of huge internal shifts for me.  Facing fears and listening to my heart were a main priority all year, which led me to making some of the best decisions of my life.  Of course, so many shifts and changes weren’t all easy, and sitting with many of those changes threw me totally off balance.  I was proud and motivated, while fearful and depressed.  It may have been the best and worst year of my life!

As 2014 came nearer, I decided to continue deeply on this path of reinvention and change (as if I had a choice!).  However, this time a new priority came into play… releasing old patterns.  I was done being depressed. I was done hurting myself. I was done doing what I thought was expected of me.  It was time to play by my rules.

Because the new year caught me in the middle of this moment of growth, I made a list of huge resolutions, many of which I couldn’t have even imagined actually completing at that point.


Added to this list was:

  • Take a speed reading course
  • Write 1,000 reason why I’m grateful

It’s now the end of April, and I’m happy to say I’m making a lot of progress on my list! Here’s an update:

  • Read 7/46 books, in English… I know, I’m disappointed too!
  • Working on my French… though hard to do in Costa Rica! I managed to have my first few conversations with some Canadians, and impressed a French guy with a few songs I’ve memorized.
  • No half marathon… yet!
  • I’ve run 15/1,000 Km… haha, I know, I know…
  • DID an extended water fast for 26 days!
  • Started a Blog… herein lies proof.  I’m slowly working up courage (and ideas) for the Vlog.
  • I didn’t take a meditation course, though I consider this task done! I took a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course which included meditation.
  • Travel to Costa Rica – Check! And Panama & Nicaragua
  • Get my debt under control (check) or get out (working on it!).
  • Got back into Yoga! And even became certified in teaching (lol).
  • Get jacked… Not quite… May is fitness month for me!
  • One month raw – DONE!! I ate an 80-10-10 fruitarian diet for the month following my water fast. I continue to do this diet, though no longer 100%.
  • I haven’t started a new career path, so to speak…  I’d say I’ve gained the clarity and confidence I needed to commit to my passions.
  • 201/1,000 reasons why I’m grateful written (though a million have crossed through my mind).
  • Take a speed-reading course (Not done. Obviously I will be needing this in order to complete my first goal).

So far so good! I’m pretty happy with my progress.  Things certainly are changing, and I most likely wont get the 1,000 km run, but it serves as a reminder that this is a year for getting in shape.  We’ll see how it goes!


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