When Hard Work is Easy

Has anyone noticed it’s November… already?  The realization hit me like a ton of bricks just a couple of days ago and lead me to a nostalgic reflection on the most intense year of my life (the first of many to come).  A year that started with an obsessive list of then seemingly impossible goals is now wrapping up with an ironic twist, with a career as the strategy consultant for a company that strives to help people achieve their goals. And if I can take just one thing away from this year it is this:

Get clear on your goals.  Allow yourself to believe that they are not only possible, but nonnegotiable. Make space for change and be allowing. Then make it happen.

At the start of this year there were few things I knew.  But those I knew, I knew well:

I could not continue living a life devoid of purpose.

I would not continue ignoring my dreams.

I needed more meaning in my relationships.

And I had too much to learn to stay still.

These knowings are what lead me to put a hold on my job as an English tutor, sell my possessions, leave my dog behind (with someone he loves) and get on with living my authentic life.  And it absolutely worked.

I got clear on my goals and I marked them as nonnegotiable


In November of 2013 I made a list of resolutions. Some things were tangible (run a half marathon), others not so much.  I planned the next year around those tangible goals and allowed myself to relax about those that I didn’t quite know how to put in action.  Well, relax may not be the word… I was unconsciously obsessed with one goal on this list: Start a new career path.  I had no idea how it would happen, or when, but I knew it had to happen.  My happiness, my sense of dignity and my life depended on it.

I made space for change

We learn from childhood that you need to work for what you want.  And this is an undoubtable capital-T Truth.  But I’ve come to find that it’s not the only way.  In fact, limiting yourself to this premise only adds struggle to an already demanding life.  There is this buzz about Law of Attraction these days… from the neighborhood psychic to Oprah Winfrey, where we are being encouraged to visualize and manifest what it is we desire.  It’s talked about as this effortless universal force that brings you what it is you ask for, as if you had a Genie over your shoulder granting you unlimited wishes.

Once upon a time I made a huge effort to experience law of attraction.  I would repeat positive affirmations, focusing on what I want without holding back (lots of money, freedom, true love, the works!), I made dream boards and obsessively visualized my perfect life.  My expectations were high, and it was as if I was expecting magic to unfold in front of my eyes.  Needless to say, I didn’t see results.

But suddenly something shifted… and I realized what it meant to focus on what you want.  As soon as I stepped out of my comfort zone and started traveling, my desires began unfolding.  At that moment I was happy, in tune with myself and had an open heart.  I needed a hostel and I’d find a business card, I needed advice and I’d meet the right person, I needed a friend and I, again, would met the right person.  I then began to notice the subtleties (and humor) of this phenomenon.  Six people packed into a house with limited space and uncomfortable couches begin to collectively desire more beds.  Naturally, in the following days there is a mattress by the dumpster next to the house, then a futon, and days later, an old couch.  Now did those things appear magically just because six cranky people wanted a bed to themselves? Of course not. They would have been there anyway.  But what did happen was a change in focus. I began to notice abundance rather than focus on lack.  I realized that where my focus lies, so does my reality.

In short, I learned that infinite opportunities are surrounding us at every moment, we just need to open our eyes to it.  It truly is where we lay our focus that creates our experience.

(And no, we did not take the mattress from the garbage).

I made it happen


Attraction led me to a new friend, an immediate inexplicable connection that takes two people by force through a whirlwind of laughter and sense of belonging.  This friend was starting a company that would be traveling the world and creating positive change (in other words, my dream job). Accompanied by my innocence (or ignorance) it never occurred to me that I could actually take part in what he was doing, and so I only wished that I could do something like that some day.  But I was open for change, and as naturally as things could have flowed, this friendship developed into an opportunity for me to become a part of his team. If I had ever thought about getting an opportunity like this in the past, I would have looked at my resume and skill set, and laughed at myself.

And for this, I did not work.

So, attraction gave me an opportunity to teach yoga and make raw food for a professional crew while traveling the world.    There are only so many times you can say thank you, so instead my gratitude took the shape of 100% determination to do the best possible job I could, every single day.  Hard work and determination has taken me from making food and assisting, to project manager, to director and strategy consultant in just four short months of joining the team.

And this, I made happen.


Can you imagine loving what you do so much that you work your ass off without even realizing it? 

Can you imagine a world where every single person is doing what they love?

It’s possible. Make it happen!

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