Why Detox?

Do you feel ill?  Run down?  Stuck in life?

Detoxing may be the solution for you.

Surprisingly enough, when we are physically bogged down, other aspects of life seem so much harder.  By cleaning up our bodies and our diets, other problems seem to quickly melt away.  We are gifted with the mental clarity and clean energy we need to handle our problems from a more empowered place.

What is DETOX?
Just as our bodies know how to heal wounds and broken bones, they are also capable of healing illness and disease.  Our bodies are always looking to be in a healthy balance, and in order to achieve this our they must consistently eliminate toxins. A toxin is any poisonous substance in the body, and can come from many sources, from car exhaust to undigested food.  Their elimination happens naturally, without any effort on our part, as our kidneys, bladder, colon, skin, and liver do their role in eliminating anything the body cannot use.
If our bodies are so well adept in eliminating toxins, why, then, do we need to detox?  Due to our lifestyles and the present conditions of the environment, we are bombarded with more toxins than our bodies know how to handle.  Not only are there more pollutants in the air and water, but pesticides are being used more heavily, chemicals are used to create nearly all of the products we use, and so on.
Not only are we overwhelmed with more external toxins than ever, we are not allowing our bodies the time they need in order to release those toxins.  We continuously burn the candle at both ends with our busy and active lives, rarely giving ourselves enough time to rest.  We eat dry, heavy foods which take a lot of our energy to digest, energy which the body could otherwise use to find balance.
What is happening to our bodies?
We lack water in our diets, and we are severely dehydrated, as we cook most of the naturally occurring liquids out of our foods.  Many of us forget to drink enough water, yet even those who do drink enough can struggle with dehydration.  This systemic dehydration is due to years of consuming processed or overly cooked foods, salt, sugar, alcohol, impure or chlorinated water, stress and lack of proper sleep.
Our bodies prioritize cellular hydration, so they will pull as much water as possible from the digestive track.  When we don’t have enough water, the body pulls from digesting food, leaving food dry and difficult to digest. This leads to mild to severe constipation as well as the buildup of organic material in the intestines.  This “compaction” or “mucoid plaque” buildup can stick around in the intestines for years and quickly becomes toxic as it ferments and decomposes, leeching toxicity into our blood.  Not only does this cause discomfort and decreased vitality, but it is also linked to a repressed immune system and disease.
How can I detox?
Intestinal compaction can be removed, either slowly through diet and lifestyle change, or more quickly via juice or water fasting.  Adjusting diet and lifestyle is a gentle approach, more conducive to long term change, where fasting provides for transformational, immediate change.  Both certainly have their place, and compliment each other greatly.
The more we “clean up” our diets, the more energy our bodies will have for detoxing, leading to increased vitality and a more efficiently functioning body.  As we begin to eliminate processed foods, sugars and salt and increase the amount of  greens, fresh fruits and vegetables, we quickly begin to detoxify old material.  Because fruits and vegetables are high in water content, easily digested and loaded with fiber, they provide us with clean energy without overloading our digestive systems.  This provides our with plenty of energy to heal and eliminate.
What happens to our bodies when we detox?
Although the benefits far outweigh the downsides, detoxing can be an uncomfortable experience.  Shifts in weight, healing crises, and detox symptoms can all cause physical discomfort and psychological unease and doubt.  Any detox program should be supported in one way or another, either by a doctor, friend, coach, or experienced detox technician.
One may experience strong physical symptoms ranging from headache, to nausea to physical exhaustion.  This is often the point where people give up, thinking the plan did not work for them.  It is important to nurture yourself through these symptoms, as they are short-lived and often are a sign of withdrawal from addictive foods and substances such as caffeine and sugar.  Often as our bodies detox we also experience strong emotions, such as anger, anxiety or moodiness.  These symptoms are also short-lived and the precursor to lighter times ahead.
We tend to use food as a drug in our society, to comfort and satiate us.  When we eliminate heavy comfort foods from our diet, we are forced to come face to face with thoughts or emotions we haven’t wanted to look at in the past.  This can be uncomfortable and emotionally taxing and can emphasize aspects of our character we aren’t comfortable with.  This, however, is a crucial part of healing.  When we are able to release fear and stagnant emotions, we are cleansing on an emotional and energetic level, which will reflect upon our physical wellbeing.
What are some of the benefits we can expect to find?
By cleaning up our diets and allowing our bodies to detox, we can experience a whole range of benefits.  As we eliminate old fecal material and rehydrate our bodies, we are able to rebuild ourselves with optimal nutrition.  Our vitality and energy is increased, and we begin to experience a clear mind, weight-loss, clearer skin, sharper vision, less body odor, increased flexibility, and renewed self confidence for having completed the cleanse.  When we feel good, our character, thoughts and lifestyle will reflect this.  A detoxed, healthy body can provide you with new outlook, the motivation to adopt healthier habits, and the clarity to make important changes in your life.
Detox vs. Lifestyle
Fasting and intense detox programs need to be supported by deep lifestyle change in order to avoid drastic yo-yo effects.  A friend, coach, doctor or detox technician can support you in properly using your time detoxing to create new habits and make any adjustments to your lifestyle which you feel are beneficial.  Perhaps going vegetarian, or even raw has resonated with you for a while.  There is no better time to prepare for and make this change than after a detox.
When we cleanse our bodies, our senses are heightened, including our sense of smell and taste.  We are more sensitive to the subtle tastes of fruits and vegetables, and are much more able to enjoy them.  The same goes for the intensity of salt, sugar and fatty foods; our bodies do not quite enjoy them as much as we used to.  This is a perfect opportunity to commit to the diet or lifestyle that most resonates with you.  This way, you may maintain the benefits and continue to live with vitality well beyond your detox program.
Stay tuned for more info on detox programs, and find the one that works best for you!

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