Solo 10 Day Water Fast & YouTube

So it’s been a bit over a year since my 26 day water fast, and since then I’ve been on adventure of self-exploration, experimentation, and learning.  I have, through trial and error learned a lot of profound lessons about intuitive eating, obsessive dieting, fruitarianism, ayurveda and stress.  A hard-headed Taurus by nature, I had to struggle to learn these lessons.  Luckily, though, I feel that many things have come full circle this past year, and I am now able to share my experiences with you all. YouTubers saved my life.  That is a fact.  I’ve followed countless YouTubers over the years, in my darkest moments they gave me a sense of community.  Their raw, authentic experiences, their knowledge, and their passion for life kept me inspired at a time when I thought everyone around me had given up.  My intention is to share what I’ve learned in hopes that it may help another to feel empowered to take control of their life. One of my largest goals this year is to begin vlogging on YouTube.  I regretted not sharing my fasting experience last year on video, but fear was doing it’s job at keeping me safe.  I wasn’t ready.  This year things have changed, after a job that had me testing my limits in front of a camera and a liberating experience moving back to Costa Rica, I finally feel ready. I’m doing a 10 day water fast up here in the mountains of Costa Rica.  I’m on my own, with my laptop and an obnoxious kitten to keep me company and halfway through the experience.  It feels good to feel my body find balance again!  I’d like to share my experience and learnings with you all. So, here goes, balls out. I’m gonna do this!

3 Replies to “Solo 10 Day Water Fast & YouTube”

  1. Hi Ana, how can I view your video? I am not finding it. And it won’t play here on your vlog. Much like you at one time, I am living on youtube as a source of survival. I really am loving your writing. So much thank you.



    1. Hi Britni! Thank you so much for reaching out and taking the time to explore my blog. Ive deleted the YouTube videos, I wasn’t feeling comfortable having myself out there like that! The blog is currently on hold, I’ll be spending the next couple months getting it up and running again. Would love to check you out on YouTube, stay in touch! xx Ana


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