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About Bambú

Bambú Blonde was founded in a Dominical beach house in 2015 and functions in collaboration with artistic foodies, health junkies, mindful teachers and inspiring leaders in vibrant living.  We began making raw vegan treats for our community, selling in farmers markets, cafés and health food stores.  Our vision from the get-go has been to provide healthy alternatives without sacrificing deliciousness and to show vegans and non-vegans alike that there is pleasure in simplicity!

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About Ana

I’m Ana, a multi-passionate Basque American currently living in Costa Rica.  With a background in Anthropology and a love of spirituality and psychology, I am fascinated by culture and human behavior.  I find myself mystified and intrigued by many of the problems humanity faces, which brings a heartache that sparks a revolutionary passion in me.  Seeking to expand my consciousness beyond my own limitations, I aim to find solutions to everyday struggles.  I hope to fully awaken myself to a way of living that is peaceful, sustainable and joyful for future generations.

A Postpartum Doula and Integrative Nutrition Educator, I thrive when I am of loving service to those who seek harmony in their lives.  Sharing colorful, healthy meals is one of my favorite ways of doing that, hence my commitment to supporting and inspiring others who want to explore healthy living.

5 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Ana, I’m Brian, I live and work in Casco Viejo Panama. I work on affordable housing projects just a few blocks from the nice area, and I’m creating an app for the Casco View project: www/facebook.com/phcascoview. I’d love to use a couple of pictures for the Community Page. Would that be OK with you, or what is your policy?

    Many thanks! Brian


    1. Hi Brian, thanks for asking permission. That’s fine as long as you credit the photo to anasanablog or link to my site! Best of luck


  2. Hi Ana,
    Great blog. I’m also interested in doing a long term water fast at Tanglewood. My reasons for wanting to do so are both mental,physical and spiritual.
    I have a question about fasting for physical healing. I have a cartilage tear in my knee ( the meniscus) for over 3 years now and it has not healed. Doctors say it’s impossible as it avascular(no blood supply) and want to cut out the damaged cartilage which will eventually lead to significant arthritis in years to come. The damage is small and not excessive but the tissue is vital for knee mechanics for life. Do you think water fasting can heal this? Cheers


    1. Hi James! Thank you for reaching out… I’m excited for you and your upcoming quest for healing. I’m not a fasting professional and I can’t give you anything more than my opinion as someone who has experienced an extended water fast. I would say it is very possible that your meniscus would heal. I grew 1.5 inches after my fast, and I believe that has to do with healed spinal compaction. My boyfriend has a torn ACL which was only reparable by surgery according to his doctors, and he was able to heal all inflammation and pain through changing his diet to high raw vegan. Loren has some great stories of people who have healed old sports injuries while fasting. Good luck with your fast, I would love to hear how it goes!


  3. Hi Ana,
    Thanks so much for your very helpful and informative reply. I have a question about your boyfriends injury to his ACL. Did the ligament itself actually knit back together? And has he returned to doing all the activities he previously did before the injury? My wish is to return to running. It was a huge part of my life, a form of meditation. I am very hopeful that I can heal my meniscus via water fasting. The fact that you gained 1.5 inches in height is incredible.


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