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About Bambú

Bambú Blonde was founded in a Dominical beach house in 2015 and functions in collaboration with artistic foodies, health junkies, mindful teachers and inspiring leaders in vibrant living.  We began making raw vegan treats for our community, selling in farmers markets, cafés and health food stores.  Our vision from the get-go has been to provide healthy alternatives without sacrificing deliciousness and to show vegans and non-vegans alike that there is pleasure in simplicity!



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About Ana

I’m Ana, a multi-passionate Basque American currently living in Costa Rica.  With a background in Anthropology and a love of spirituality and psychology, I am fascinated by culture and human behavior.  I find myself mystified and intrigued by many of the problems humanity faces, which brings a heartache that sparks a revolutionary passion in me.  Seeking to expand my consciousness beyond my own limitations, I aim to find solutions to everyday struggles.  I hope to fully awaken myself to a way of living that is peaceful, sustainable and joyful for future generations.

A Postpartum Doula and Integrative Nutrition Educator, I thrive when I am of loving service to those who seek harmony in their lives.  Sharing colorful, healthy meals is one of my favorite ways of doing that, hence my commitment to supporting and inspiring others who want to explore healthy living.

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